Our Expert Nutritionist


Siddhali, Chief Nutritionist.
Certified Nutritionist and Regulatory Expert

The creation of products, their formulas, and their therapeutic advantages for the body, mind, and soul are areas in which our nutritionist has more than four years of experience.
She has an in-depth understanding of human nutrition and can assist you in achieving your objectives for stress reduction, healthy weight management, sports nutrition, diabetes control, immunity, gut health, and general well-being.
She has expertise in assisting people with their lifestyle changes, helping them not only reach their health objectives but also continuously maintain better lifestyles.
To get efficient and long-lasting effects, she concentrates on food and mental health, as a positive approach is most effective in reaching your health goals. You may therefore have a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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BodyFirst Wellness Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. is a science based wellness group that is proudly Indian, with a home grown line of products. The BodyFirst®️ team takes prides in the principle of providing World Class, Clean, Safe, Qualified, Effective, Certified and Science Based products.

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